FH BonnTEXSTEEL Pads are engineered to meet the specifications of all laundry and dry cleaning press manufacturers.  Each metal pad is individually tailored to meet your requirements.  The uniform porous steel construction allows heat and moisture to disseminate quickly and evenly.  Bonn pads will not mat down and are made with a minimal number of welds.


Bonn’s steam/air finisher covers have the right porosity to finish your garments properly.  Our clamp pads and covers for the steam/air finisher units come with rods and springs for easy installation.


Bonn pants toppers have Bon-Twill fabric on the front to hold the pants while pressing.  Bon-Twill is strong and holds up well; zippers and buttonsdo not cut the material.  Bon-Twill provides good air flow for proper pressing of the pants.  Bonn can sew in the foam padding to the cover for most pants toppers.  This provides for easier installation.


The F. H. Bonn Teflon Grid Plate (TGP)is engineered for those applications where maximum heat retention and a firm pressing surface is needed. The TGP grid plate provides an excellent finish on cottons, linens, and denim garments. The durable baked on Teflon coating provides a shine free finish, while the double plate construction assures proper steam diffusion.


The F. H. Bonn Master Finish Head Plate (MFHP) combines a perforated aluminum grid with a polyester outer cover. It also contains a layer of 20 Oz. Nylon Flannel, located between the grid and cover. The flannel aids in the dispersion of steam. The multi-layered construction allows for a firm press, while the flannel provides resiliency when finishing lightweight delicate garments.

Bonn Master Finish Head Plates have a more porous mesh to diffuse steam with additional distribution.  The even dispersal of steam helps prevent the cover fabric from hardening and eliminates the possibility of marking the clothing.


H. Bonn’s Black Master Finish Head Plate is a totally Premium alternative to traditional fabric grid plates. The BMFHP does not show dirt, stains or wear signs. This head plate looks just like new from the first day you use it, to the last day. The construction of the BMFHP, along with the Black Nylon covermaterial, will produce a clean crisp finish on a wide range of fabrics, while giving extended service life. Looks Fantastic when paired with our Red Pro Finish Dry Cleaning pad.


H. Bonn’s Pro-Finish 861 Press Pad (PRO) is designed with today’s fabrics in mind. The PROPad will help eliminate those frustrating moire’ patterns and seam impressions that appear on the micro-fiber polyester and rayon type garments. The exclusive PRO finish cover fabric is made of an industrial grade micro-fiber material that is soft and smooth to the touch. As a result, the smooth weave will not transfer marks on to the garments being finished. Because of its construction, the PRO 861 material will stretch and move with the garments being pressed, eliminating fabric distortion. For that professional finish, the Pro-Finish 861 is the dry cleaning pad of choice.


Add a splash of color to your finishing operation! The Red Pro-Finish Premium(RPRO) dry cleaning cover from F. H. Bonn will deliver you from those drab boring dry cleaning press pads currently on the market. Manufactured with F. H. Bonn’s exclusive Pro-finish 861 material, the Red Pro Premium dry cleaning press pad will give long life and provide a quality finish on a wide variety of fabrics.