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How to find the MAKE and MODEL number:

Make and model number…..make and model number. How many times have you heard this when ordering press pads and covers?

It’s true, to order the correct pad and cover for your customer, we must have the make and model number. Here are some tips to help you find this crucial information and make ordering the correct textiles for the pressing machine mistake free.

Manufacturer Where to find Make and Model #
AJAX The make and model number are located on the right hand side of the frame behind and below the pressing table.
ALLIANCE\AJAX The make and model number are located on the inside left press head support bar.
CISSELL Dry cleaning presses – the make and model are found on the right side of the frame underneath the pressing table.
Steam Air Finishers – the information is found on the bottom back of the press base.
Pants Toppers – the make and model are found on the top left side of the press frame.
FORENTA The model number on all Forenta pressing machines is found in the serial number. This information is located on the right side of the press, just below the press table. Be sure to write down the entire serial number.
HOFFMAN The make and model are located on the right side of the press just behind the pressing table.
SANKOSHA These are perhaps the easiest. Most of the information needed is on the front of the press frame in large bold numbers and letters, in plain view. What a concept!
UNIPRESS On the shirt body units, the make and model is located in plain view, on the front top corner of the frame. It’s on a gray panel, and even lists the Unipress part numbers for the appropriate pads, covers and air bags.
On all other presses, the make and model is located on the right side of the press just under the pressing table, on the box where the controls are located.

Now that you know where to look for the needed information, here are some tips to make reading the model number much more easy.

  1. Carry a small flashlight. This will help shed some light on the needed information.
  2. A white crayon. You can rub the crayon over the letters and numbers making them much easier to read.
  3. Have a tape measure with you. If for some reason the make and model numbers are not available, you can measure the buck of the press and match up the correct pad and cover.
  4. Have some craft paper available. This will allow you to make a tracing, a template, of the press buck, in the event that the model number is missing, or that the press has been rebuilt.

Remember that while information is power, correct information is KING. Get the make and model number and ordering press pads and covers will be a breeze!