FH Bonn has been manufacturing tailor made laundry press pads and covers for over 70 years. We use blueprints, supplied by the original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), to assure a proper t and the highest quality finish. All FH Bonn laundry covers are constructed with a three-dimensional skirted design, to provide a custom t for each machine.

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Bon-Knit Buck Covers

Bon-Knit Buck Covers are to be used over existing buck pads. Advantages of using Bon-Knit Buck Covers:

1)     When the cover portion of a dry cleaning pad is worn but the padding is still resilient, a cover can be used to extend the life of the dry cleaning pad.

2)     When the cover is heavily built up with starch, you can replace just the cover.

3)     Cover can be removed for easy cleaning.
To order, look at the BONNCO index code number for PRO pads and use the letters BK in front of the BONNCO Index code numbers. For example, our BONNCO Index code number for our PRO pad for the Cissell AU-42 is PRO-840. Our BONNCO Index code number for the BON-KNIT Cover is BK-840.


The Bon-Pak Cover/Pad Combo is the ultimate for pressing on flatbed presses. The Bon-Pak consists of a Bon-Twill double warp nylon cover, and a 50 ounce Bonn-E-Blue nylon flannel sewn together for a quick and easy installation. This pad and cover combo will provide an outstanding performance as well as an extended life span.

Bon-Spun Cover

The Bon-Spun Cover cloth is spun nylon. This essential cover material is used for laundry flatbed presses and some body bosom applications. Bon-Spun has a high thread count that allows for a tight weave, which will not transfer to the finished garments. The closeness of the weave makes the material more durable and gives Bon-Spun a smooth finish. Because of the spun construction, the fabric also provides the non-slip surface required on body bosom, collar and cuff, and flatbed pres

Hi-Spun Cover

FH Bonn’s Hi-Spun Cover is made from our most durable cover material. This high quality aramid fabric will withstand high heat temperatures, and is a must on electric presses. The combination of heat resistance and high tensile strength makes for a cover material that provides long lasting performance. Used primarily on the laundry side, Hi-Spun has several dry cleaning applications such as ironing boards, etc.

  • Buttons are protected from hot metal grid plate.
  • Nicks on metal grid plate will not be transfered to garments.
  • Helps to eliminate shine on garments.
  • Helps protect press operator from hot metal grid.
  • It is easy to install because it’s a skirted type cover with rods and springs.

Bonn-E-Blue Flannel

Bonn-E-Blue Flannel is a double-faced, needle-punched, nylon flannel padding. Made from virgin nylon fibers, Bonn-E-Blue has a high density that makes it withstand compression and provides long lasting performance. It is recommended for many cabinet body bosom presses as well as being ideal for use on collars and cuffs and all flatbed presses. Bonn-E-Blue is available in 50-, 30-, and 20-ounce weights.

  • 50-Ounce:  Recommended for many cabinet body bosom presses.  Thick enough for single-thickness pads on collars and cuffs plus all flatbed presses.  The most popular weight non-woven flannel.
  • 30-Ounce:  Ideal for collars and cuffs and all flatbed presses by using two thicknesses.  Just rotate out worn pad with new pad.
  • 20-Ounce:  Ideal weight of flannel when only a thin padding is needed.

White Aramid Fabric

White Aramid Cover cloth is a versatile fabric with many dry cleaning and laundry applications.     The material has the needed flexibility to produce a superior finish.  It has the breathability for timely drying, and the durability that provides extended cover life.  The material is a requirement for many of the Asian pressing machines now available.

Woven Pryme Padding

Pryme Flannel is a woven double-faced nylon flannel padding.  Pryme is extra fine with longer staple and crimped yarns.  It also has a higher thread count for additional strength.  Both sides of the fabric are made velvety soft, smooth, and resilient with uniform height.   Pryme has plenty of body and a heavily napped surface.  It will not mat down or stretch out of shape.  Pryme has a built in seam for maximum stability and is excellent for body bossom applications where finish quality is critical.  Pryme Flannel is available in 50, 30 and 21 ounce densities.   Weight is based on 1 yard x 54″ wide.

  • 50-Ounce:  Recommended weight for use on many cabinet body bosom presses.  Thick enough for use as a single pad on flatbed presses.
  • 30-Ounce:  Recommended weight for many cabinet body bosom presses.
  • 21-Ounce:  Used mainly for padding on cabinet sleevers to cover the buck or expander blade.

Texsteel / Steel Pads

FH BonnTEXSTEEL Pads are engineered to meet the specifications of all laundry and dry cleaning press manufacturers.  Each metal pad is individually tailored to meet your requirements.  The uniform porous steel construction allows heat and moisture to disseminate quickly and evenly.  Bonn pads will not mat down and are made with a minimal number of welds.

Cabinet Sleever

Most Bonn sleever covers are lined with PRYME nylon pads to provide a firm resilient surface and are woven to give them greater strength.  Bonn produces tailor-made pads and covers for all equipment, including the expander types.

Cabinet Air Bag Bosom

FH Bonn’s cabinet air bosom are recognized for their perfect fit.  Each is tailor-made to the exact specifications of the press.  The better the fit, the better the finish, the longer the life.  Bonn covers for shirt laundry bucks provide the best porosity to insure the best looking press finish.  We manufacture for almost all major brands:

Ajax, Forenta, Sankosha, Unipress, Hoffman, etc

Since 1947, Bonn’s continued growth is only a result of customer satisfaction.  Bonn products are often imitated but never duplicated.   When you want a product that lasts, and quality that keeps customers coming back, trust Bonn for all of your pad and cover needs.