ROLL GOODS – Dry Cleaning / Laundry Industry

FH Bonn offers many of its fine line of materials and flannels, in bulk yardages.  While we recommend using our ready made tailored to fit press pads and covers, these items can be purchased in full roll quantities.


BON-KNIT:               This fabric has a bi-directional construction to hold garments in place and still permits fast movement on and off the press.

BON-SPUN:               This nylon fabric gives the non-slip finish needed on bosom, collar and cuff, and flatbed presses. BON-SPUN holds the garment in place.

BROWN POLYESTER: Filament polyester with a slick finish, this material is designed for use when the speed of loading and unloading of garments is critical.

BON-TWILL:            This nylon combination fabric is the ultimate for flatbed presses. It has the long life of spun and the speed for high production. This fabric is ideal for a garment manufacturer on presses that do a high volume of pants.

HI-SPUN/ARAMID: This fabric provides high heat resistance. It is ideal for use in industrial plants, ironing board covers, and required on electric presses because of high temperatures.

COTTON DUCK:     This fabric is a basic cotton material. Its primary application is for flat work ironer aprons, but it has numerous other uses in the laundry and on the dry cleaning side, such as Ironing Board Covers. Cotton Duck has a low heat tolerance.

Bonn-E-Blue Padding




BONN-E-BLUE is a non-woven, double-faced, needle punched, nylon flannel padding. Made from brand new nylon fibers, its solid body provides firm support. Coupled with extra fine yarns and a soft hand finish, this padding cuts cleanly for proper shape. BONN-E-BLUE is of a uniform height and weight throughout and is economically priced.

Weight is based on 1 yard x 54” wide.

50-OUNCE:               Recommended for many cabinet body bosom presses. Thick enough for single-thickness pads on collars and cuffs and on all flatbed presses. This weight is the most popular non-woven flannel.

30-OUNCE:               Ideal for collars and cuffs and all flatbed presses when using two thicknesses.

20-OUNCE:               Ideal weight of flannel when only a thin padding is required.


 RL-PRECUT:  Instead of purchasing flannel in roll form, save your customer time, effort, and material waste by ordering it in pre-cut lengths. Each pack contains 10 yards of flannel consisting of the following:

  • 7 pieces, 50 oz. collar pads measuring 24” x 7”
  • 14 pieces, 50 oz. cuff pads measuring 14” x 7